Hope In Action Orphanage Gardens

Hope In Action helps orphanages initiate or expand sustainable vegetable gardens. Seeds and plants are selected to:

  • provide high nutrition
  • produce abundantly in local environment
  • permit seed-saving for replanting

Hope In Action joins forces with orphanages having

  • Passion to kindle hope, and
  • Perseverance to help children develop valuable skills while participating in vegetable gardening

Children develop self-esteem and a vision of hope as they

  • Produce much-needed, nutritional food
  • Learn to overcome obstacles
  • Experience success from combining knowledge and work
  • Enjoy financial rewards from selling excess produce


Your financial contribution will make hope a reality for children as they move toward a lifestyle of sustainable sufficiency. Your donation will purchase seeds and gardening supplies to start or expand vegetable gardens at orphanages. Seed from the harvested vegetables will be used for planting future gardens and for sharing with others.

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