Kenya HIV/AIDS survivor needs school uniform

Ismael O., a secondary Kenya student born in 1994, needs a uniform to remain in school. Both of his parents died from HIV/AIDS.

In addition to the secondary school education, Ishmael is learning farming skills in an orphanage project assisted by Hope In Action. While a uniform is his immediate need, support is also needed for food, school fees, health care and clothing. Ishmael wants to learn skills that will help provide support at the orphanage where he lives now, and later as a head of household.


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  1. wayneliles Says:

    Hi Ishmael, I’m happy to hear a little about you. It must be tough to lose both of your parents when you are so young. It sounds like you are a strong young man and ready to learn the life skills to make your life better, and a better life for your children one day. Tell me what a day at the Orphanage is like for you. I am 76 years old and have 4 boys and 2 girls.

  2. sagunga Says:

    Hi Wayneliles,

    My Name is Ishmael. I am an orphan. I lost both my parents from HIV/AIDS. I like being in the orphanage because I have hope for the future. At the orphanage very early in the morning we go to the vegetable garden to work in the garden so that we can get food and learn gardening skills. Excess farm produce is sold to help pay our orphanage expenses. On Saturday afternoon we are learning how to operate the sewing machines to make clothes.

    Sometimes we do not have enough to eat when the garden is not producing enough to feed the 50 children. I dream of a better life when I grow up and leave the orphanage. I like the services we are given at the orphanage. After school we play games and clean up a little.

    Please send my greetings to your 4 boys and 2 girls. In our family there were only two children. My sister is older. She got married and I have not heard where she is. Ishamel

  3. wayneliles Says:

    Hi Ishmael. I’m so glad you replied back. What do you study in school? What is your favorite subject? My favorite subject was always band and baseball. Of course I had to learn the academic subjects too. I didn’t like math. I went to 13 different schools when I was growing up because my parents moved so much. My mother was a pastor and my father was a carpenter. We had some tough times when I was growing up, we managed to always have enough to eat. It hurts me to know there are children that do not have enough to eat.

    The garden is a wonderful thing to help you learn gardening skills and to eat. Also to sale excess to pay for expenses. When I was your age I had to work too to help my family with expenses. We didn’t have much be we always had a home and a lot of love. I have 2 brothers but no sisters. I’m sure you miss your sister. Maybe someday you will get to see her again.

    Study hard and learn all you can, it really will help you. What is your dream? What do you want to do when you grow up? I’m sure you will do well at what ever you set your mind too. Wayne

  4. sagunga Says:

    Hello Dear Wayne,

    I feel great reading from you. In school we study five subjects, I like social studies in class, I like my teachers and I want to work hard to be a teacher when I grow up and complete my studies. I am just praying to get a sponsor daddy who can support and pay my school fee. We here at the orphanage feel so sad because of our friends the 4 girls who have been send away from school for school fee.

    I like sports and we will be going for sports this weekend it is athletic championship. I want to try 15,000 M race.

    Yes the garden is good because it provides for our vegetables and the vegetables we are taught in school to be good for health.

    I feel so painful when I remember my sister. She does not communicate and I do not know if she is alive or where she is.

    Thanks for communicating. Do you love Jesus? I love Jesus and sing songs of praise.

    bye bye

  5. sagunga Says:

    Dear Wayne, Loving greetings from me. I want to let you know that I am very happy and grateful for your kindness and generosity you showed by helping pay my school fee. Thanks I will work hard in my studies. Lots of love. Ismael

  6. Wayne Says:

    Dear Ismael,
    How is your garden doing? Is it harvest time there for the garden? It is harvest time here, but I am not a very good gardener and mine is not doing so well. Where we live, we like the garden, but if it does not do well we can still buy our food from the market or grocery store.

    Do you go to school all year? Here in the US, it is summer break. They get about two months out of school for summer here. I think it is great you want to be a teacher. Teachers prepare the children for the future and can tell them about Jesus. Yes, I do love Jesus! We also sing songs of praise. I would like to hear you sing, I bet you have a beautiful voice!

    Don’t give up on your sister. I am sure she would communicate with you if she could. Hopefully she is okay, but just does not have a way to let you know that.


  7. sagunga Says:

    Dear Wayne, Sorry that I am responding late. The computer at the orphanage is kept by the Director/Pastor who has been very sick for a month. I am glad that today I read again your letter and Madam Director assists. My garden does very good providing food. Last week we had a bountiful harvest of butter nut squash they taste so good with tea or gruel. We have groundnuts, kale
    pinneaples, cassava, cowpeas and many more. The crops vary in maturity depending on days. Since introduction of irrigation we are able to grow more vegetables.

    Love, Ismael

  8. Wayne Says:

    Dear Ismael,

    It is great to hear from you. Irrigation is a wonderful thing. We don’t live in a desert but it is very dry here. I finally gave up on my tomato plants and pulled them up out of the ground. I should now concentrate on a fall garden. My yellow squash is coming along nicely now, but normally I have squash much earlier in the year, but not this year. My hobby is wood turning. I make pens, goblets and small bowls. I really enjoy it.

    I had a birthday last Sunday. I am now 77 years young. I have a beautiful wife that takes care of me. We are both healthy and blessed by God. I pray blessings on you too.

    Love, Wayne

  9. sagunga Says:

    Hey Wayne! I feel sorry that sometime takes long before I read and and respond it is becouse our Dad Orphanage administrator has been very sick and he keeps internet connection. Congratulation on your birthday, good to hear your wife takes good care of you. How old is she? We are on a one month out of school holidays up to september. its sad that our crops have been destroyed by heavy rains and hailstorm. Bye and greetings from Ismael

  10. Wayne Says:

    Hey to you too! I’m glad to hear from you and glad you are doing well. I am sorry to hear about your garden being destroyed by rains and hail. I will see that Jim sends you some new seeds. Just do not give up hope. Maybe you will have better weather there for the next crop and no hail. My wife is 46 years old and I’m blessed to have her.

    You respond very quickly and do not need to feel sorry. I hope the Orphanage Administrator gets a healing from God and gets back to feeling well.


  11. sagunga Says:

    My Dear friend. So much love and greetings from Kenya. I have no words to explain how happy i am. from the donation you send i bought pencils, Biros, Crayons, Books and a pair of shoes and a bag for myself. My teacher liked and said I am smart. I promise to work hard. Be blessed. Ismael

  12. Wayne Says:

    Ismael, Greetings my dear one! Tell me, what is is like in December in Kenya? It is different all over the United States, but you could grow vegetables here today in the weather where I live! Yesterday was Christmas, we celebrated the birth of Jesus. It was a wonderful day. I have a suprise to send you. I’m not sure how to mail it so I’ll get it to Brother Jim Floyd to get it to you. I made it just for you so I hope you will enjoy it.

    Love and Blessings, Wayne

  13. Marrianette Says:

    HIV/AIDS is still a problem today despite huge medical advances, i am wondering if there would ever be a cure for this disease .

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