Kenya orphan needs school fees to become lawyer

nancy a

Hi, my name is Nancy A. I was born in 1994. When my parents died, another family began taking care of me. They treated me like a slave instead of like others in the family. I had to do many, many chores each day. I finally ran away to stay with my grandmother. She is old, but together we care 5 other orphans living with us in a small western Kenya village.

Sometimes I am able to help in the vegetable garden at a nearby orphanage. I like learning how to grow food and sometimes I am able to take some vegetables home to cook. I hope to plant a vegetable garden at home soon with seeds saved from the orphanage garden that Hope In Action helped expand.

I was in secondary school, form 1, but it has been difficult. The school did not permit me to take exams because I was not able to pay the school fees and book expenses. Recently, the school stopped me from attending classes until the fees are paid. I have been able to pay a few shillings for fees sometimes, but my going to class for lessons is on and off because of the school fees. I am very frustrated because I dream of becoming a lawyer.

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  1. lorilab74 Says:


    I am so sorry for the pain you have had in your life.

    I’m happy to hear about your interest in gardening! I have a few small vegetables and herbs myself. I enjoy tending them very much. Hopefully you can get your garden at home started soon.

    What are the other ages of the orphans you and your grandmother care for?

    Becoming a lawyer is a wonderful dream! I am sure that with hard work and faith you can make it happen!

    I wish you safety. Hope to hear from you soon.


  2. sagunga Says:

    Dear Lori. I feel very happy reading from one who is in a very far country. Thank you for writing to me. Our vegetable garden is doing good. The other orphans are 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, years old. I am very desperate for the school fee. It is painful to not get my education. Bye bye. Nancy A.

  3. sagunga Says:

    Dear Wayne, My name is Nancy, I am an orphan who is being supported by Hope In Action and my local orphanage. I am in secondary school and have problem paying school fee. I appreciate the compassionate heart you had to send a donation whose portion has paid part of my school fee. Be blessed.

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