Kenya orphan needs school fees to become nurse

Kenya orphan Edith A.

My name is Edith A. I live in a rural area of Kenya with my mother and 2 younger sisters. I was born in 1994. I attended secondary school until recently when the school sent me home until the school fees were paid. My father died when I was 9. My mother is in poor health and is very weak.

I have learned to raise vegetables at a nearby orphanage where Hope In Action helped expand the garden with equipment and plants that were new to our area. I am learning tailoring skills on some sewing machines that Hope In Action provided for the orphanage. I like spending time at the orphanage because of the love and concern for me there, and I like playing games and singing.

My greatest desire now is to be able to return to school and complete my education. I want to be a nurse, but the school fees and books are a big problem.

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  1. Don Says:

    Dear Edith,
    Greetings fron Indianapolis, Indiana. My name is Don and I am the father of 3 children 21,19 and 14. The oldest is going to Purdue to study construction. Lizzie is going to study Nursing in August. Emily,14, is starting high school. Congratulations on learning some new skills. I hope your mother can return to better health. How old are your sisters? Do you have a picture to post?

  2. Carole Says:

    Hi Edith,
    My name is Carole and I have a daughter who is a nurse. She, like you, knew she wanted to become a nurse when she was 14 years old! She works in a neonatal intensive care unit where she cares for tiny newborns with many problems. I pray you will one day realize your dream, too.

    I am glad to hear you feel loved and cared for at the nearby orphanage and that you enjoy singing and playing games there. I love to sing and also like to play board games. What are your favorites? I really like Scrabble. I hope your gardens are plentiful this season. What are your favorite vegetables that you are able to grow?

    Please know that God loves you so much and He wants you to grow up and become all that you can be. I am praying for you, Edith.

    Sincerely, Carole

  3. sagunga Says:

    Hi Carole,

    Thanks for sending me a message. I feel so happy reading messages from loved ones like you. I am so much frustrated in my education, I do not attend lessons steadily as should be so i miss many lessons. My mothers health has seriously deteriorated such that we fear she might go to be with the Lord. I like singing in the church and during devotions at the orphanage i also like playing games. I like eating vegetables because of their medicinal value and nutritional value to our health, I like the beans they give at the orphanage, cabbages, kale, onions, Moringa, cow pea, and many more that i only know the names in local language
    I would like to appeal for your prayers and support for my mother and my education.

    The Orphanage Director is seriously sick. He coughs so much. Help us pray for him he has been a lovely Dad to us ever happy and Jovial in season and out of season. He is a good counselor. We love him so much he has done a lot to change our desperate lives to be people of Hope and a future. Everybody here is not at ease with his sickness.

    I know God loves me and your contacts is a clear indication of Gods love to me and my future.

  4. sagunga Says:

    Hello Don,

    Marvelous reading from you. So good to read about your children and family. I can see they are very hard working and i hope in your community they do not get any problems with school fee. I am so much frustrated in my education since i do not attend lessons as it is required. I am always send home for school fee and the orphanage has still not been possible to raise enough money for our feeding and get any extra for school fee. The vegetables we get from the garden cater for our daily bread and any extra money earned from sale of vegetables to the community are used to buy for other things that are needed by us like soap,cosmetics.

    I am so glad that at the orphanage i m learning skills in tailoring and kitchen gardening. I am so much worried about my mothers health since it has drastically deteriorated with treatment and i fear about losing her.

    I have two sister Daisy 7 years and Nickol 5 years old.

    Also today our orphanage Dad (Director) is seriously sick with a deep dry cough he has not appeared to us since Wednesday last week. Pray for him, he is a lovely Dad who is ever happy, a good counselor/comforter, we love him he has worked so much to see that our desperate lives are being changed from hopeless to a life with hope.

    I will be very happy to read from you again

  5. sagunga Says:

    Hi Mr Wayne. I just leared that a donation from you has paid half of my secondary school fee. I have every reason to say THANKS for your Love and concern. Bye Bye. Edith

  6. Dori Says:

    Great work.

  7. Hosting Says:

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