Kenya orphan needs school fees to become teacher

kenya orphan naima a

My name is Naima A. I have lived with my grandmother in a small village in western Kenya since the death of my parents. My grandmother is old and I have to help her with work around the house. Sometimes I am able to learn about vegetable and fruit gardening at a nearby orphanage where Hope In Action helped expand their farming. I like working in the garden and watch every day how the crops grow. It gives me hope for tomorrow.

I was in secondary school, form 1 until recently when I could no longer attend classes until my school fees are paid. I am very sad because I like all 10 subjects that we study. Geography is my favorite. I want to be a teacher when I complete my studies, but for now the school fees are blocking my way.

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  1. Organic Gardening Says:

    You will have the opportunity to work outdoors, get exercise and see your progress as your project unfolds. Organic Gardening

  2. sagunga Says:

    Dear Wayne. I am an orphan who is being helped by Hope In Action and my orphanage. I am forever grateful to learn a donation from you has paid half of my secondary school fee. Thanks for your Love and Kindness, Naima

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