Kenya Orphans

Hope In Action helped establish or expand vegetable gardens at several orphanages in Kenya. The youths:

  • Grow much-needed food
  • Learn important work skills
  • Sell excess produce to help pay for education and personal expenses
  • Orphanage vegetable gardens are designed to promote financial security, but some outside assistance is needed during the initial period. Your donation will provide an orphan with the following:

  • secondary school fee for 1 year $91
  • pair of shoes $25
  • school uniform $25
  • mattress $25
  • school supplies $25
  • food for 1 week $20
  • malaria medicine for 6 months $20
  • 2 bed sheets $10
  • sanitary items for 6 months $10
  • blanket $8
  • medical exam $8
  • toiletries for 1 month $8

    • Meet The youths:

    SARAH C. – born 1993
    Kenya orphan Sarah C

    Sara is in Form One Secondary School. Her father died of an asthmatic attack. Sara’s mother earns less than a dollar a day by farming. Sarah participated in a vegetable gardening project sponsored by Hope In Action. She planted and harvested pumpkins, tomatoes, cowpeas and watermelon. Sarah urgently needs help for school fees and basic necessities.

    Ishmael O. - born 1994
    Kenya Orphan Ismael O. photo

    Ismael O. needs a uniform to remain in school. Both of his parents died from HIV/AIDS.

    In addition to the secondary school education, Ishmael is learning farming skills in an orphanage project assisted by Hope In Action. While a uniform is his immediate need, support is also needed for food, school fees, health care and clothing. Ishmael wants to learn skills that will help provide support at the orphanage where he lives now, and later as a head of household.

    Edith A. - born 1994
    Kenya orphan Edith A.

    My name is Edith A. I live in a rural area of Kenya with my mother and 2 younger sisters. I was born in 1994. I attended secondary school until recently when the school sent me home until the school fees were paid. My father died when I was 9. My mother is in poor health and is very weak.

    I have learned to raise vegetables at a nearby orphanage where Hope In Action helped expand the garden with equipment and plants that were new to our area. I am learning tailoring skills on some sewing machines that Hope In Action provided for the orphanage. I like spending time at the orphanage because of the love and concern for me there, and I like playing games and singing.

    My greatest desire now is to be able to return to school and complete my education. I want to be a nurse, but the school fees and books are a big problem.

    Naima A. - born 1994
    kenya orphan naima a

    My name is Naima A. I have lived with my grandmother in a small village in western Kenya since the death of my parents. My grandmother is old and I have to help her with work around the house. Sometimes I am able to learn about vegetable and fruit gardening at a nearby orphanage where Hope In Action helped expand their farming. I like working in the garden and watch every day how the crops grow. It gives me hope for tomorrow.

    I was in secondary school, form 1 until recently when I could no longer attend classes until my school fees are paid. I am very sad because I like all 10 subjects that we study. Geography is my favorite. I want to be a teacher when I complete my studies, but for now the school fees are blocking my way.

    Nancy A. - born 1994
    nancy a

    Hi, my name is Nancy A. I was born in 1994. When my parents died, another family began taking care of me. They treated me like a slave instead of like others in the family. I had to do many, many chores each day. I finally ran away to stay with my grandmother. She is old, but together we care 5 other orphans living with us in a small western Kenya village.

    Sometimes I am able to help in the vegetable garden at a nearby orphanage. I like learning how to grow food and sometimes I am able to take some vegetables home to cook. I hope to plant a vegetable garden at home soon with seeds saved from the orphanage garden that Hope In Action helped expand.

    I was in secondary school, form 1, but it has been difficult. The school did not permit me to take exams because I was not able to pay the school fees and book expenses. Recently, the school stopped me from attending classes until the fees are paid. I have been able to pay a few shillings for fees sometimes, but my going to class for lessons is on and off because of the school fees. I am very frustrated because I dream of becoming a lawyer.